So, what the heck is all this?

"To me engineering is not just a job, I do it because I love it" Certainly, few people have ever been in this romance which the great engineer who said that sentence, had been to. Another wise engineer once said, "To prevent an unfulfilled creepy death after a boring, meaningless and stale life, follow your passions". So here I am, aware of the fact that I and our first engineer are absolutely not in the same boat and also knowing that the second one died an unfulfilled creepy death.

The only word from the previous paragraph which is related to this photographic web log is passion. I follow photography as one of my passions and as a side project. This ultimately defines me as an amateur self-tutoring photographer, which in the last revision of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is mentioned as a synonym for the very word "Hopeless". But in an appreciable effort to not to let down our wise engineer, I am resolute to give it a try and post a photo every once in a while. May we all live a content, meaningful life.

Nima Enayati,

October 2011, Milan, Italy.



I will eventually put some information about myself or my photography here. For now, please just enjoy the photos.

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