West coast
+ Comments West coast - 2014-12-26 11:07:27

I found the spot soon after I chained my bike a block away. I had come out to take some shoots for my Intimate exposure project after months. But well, when you see something that has a potential you lock on that. So I locked in. It had the elements one would ask for a moody metropolitan sunset shot. The colorful sky, the skyscrapers in-fondo, bokeh of traffic lights and cars. The nice blue/aqua reflection of the parking sign on the pavement was a plus. However, as often it is, the human subject was missing. I stayed around for half an hour and got nothing else than "ordinary" people passing by. Sometimes I think how judgmental I get when trying to find a subject. But hey what can I do? I'm not there to tell their story. I am there to make/fake a story with a background, some colors and people with "character". Put a mediocre looking being in a perfect frame and all you get is an unsatisfied feeling of a potential that is lost. I took many shots as people passed by, so that I would be ready when a good subject shows up. There was a nice warm lamp a column before the parking sign and I wanted to get the subjects when they passed right underneath it. The parking sign had three blinking green arrows that would turn on one after another and then would all go off. To get a good reflection on the ground at least two arrows should have been on. Otherwise, you would get an unpleasant blue reflection around the photo. So I had this time constraint on taking the shots like 0, 1, now, now, 0, 1... If you have ever tried to take a picture of somebody who is walking, you know most of the time you get a weird body posture as if they are jumping like a kangaroo or something. So yeah, the probabilities were not really promising. It was getting dark and my hands were cold. This guy passed. He was ok, so I got three shots of him. One had a perfect timing, he was in the right spot in the frame, got all the three arrows on and the warm light shone on him. I thought I finally got it! I kept going on till it got dark and went back home only to get disappointed by seeing his bad posture in that frame. It was also a bit blurry. Wondering whether I should throw them all away, I decided to settle down with one of the other two. The one with two arrows. Where he is out of the warm light and he is even a bit too big in the frame. But guess that's life. You can't get everything, at least not often! Milan, December 2014.

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